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San Diego State University

Dear Prospective Honors Program Students,

Three years ago, as I was about to graduate from Bonita Vista high school, I had to decide which university to attend. Having graduated in the top 4% of my class and with 46 Advanced Placement units, I had many choices including UCSD, UCSB, UCI, and USD but I chose SDSU because of the resources and personal attention the University Honors Program provides.


As a member of the Honors Program, I am more than just another face in the crowd. Like all the Honors students at SDSU, I have an academic advisor, a study abroad advisor, and community of Honors Program students to support me and help me succeed. When I met with Chetana, our academic advisor, for the first time she already knew my name and was able to address my questions and concerns. She helped me map out classes in my major—Communication—that will prepare me for law school. The small Honors seminars I have taken, like Sex and Gender in Contemporary Society, Humanities in America, and Sociology through Literature, have helped me think outside the box, and develop my critical thinking and debate skills. It was also through the Honors Program that I learned of another great opportunity related to my major, which I pursued and led to my on-campus job with KPBS.


I also loved living in Maya, the Honors Residence Hall. There, I made friends and met amazing people who, like me, sought to become leaders, get involved on campus, and keep their academics a priority. This community has helped me become more confident and inspired me to “give back” to the university by becoming one of the SDSU Ambassadors.


Although I will graduate this year, I am still eager to make the most of my college experience and time here at the university. As part of the Honors Program I studied abroad this past summer in a program called Communication in Europe, in which we traveled to England, France, Switzerland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. This experience, like the Honors Program, helped me grow as a person, intellectually and academically, and help me become a strong intellectual committed to making a positive difference in this world after graduation. By fulfilling the Honors requirement of studying abroad, I was pushed outside my comfort zone and learned the values as well as difficulties of communicating with diverse groups of people. This, along with my 3.9 GPA will help me succeed in law school.


I hope that you find the opportunities offered by the Honors Program as exciting and challenging as I have, and apply. I also hope that you decide to become a member of the Aztec family, and attend campus next fall.


Best regards,
Vivian Adame

University Honors Program
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San Diego State University
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San Diego, CA 92182-1623

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